What I Want You To Know

"Some people will tell you how brave and strong you are…and they will be right."

“Some people will tell you how brave and strong you are…and they will be right.”

Having a new baby is an exciting time, full of unlimited possibilities. but what happens to those parents or expectant parents who are faced with raising a child with special needs – specifically Down syndrome? You might feel as though suddenly the future is full of limitations and enormous challenges you do not feel equipped to handle.

I know the fears, challenges, and stress because I’ve been there. The moment I learned our youngest daughter was born with Down syndrome, I felt the world closing in around me. As the doctor spoke, I could hear nothing but my heart beating and feel a whirlwind of emotions: panic for her immediate health issues, fear over what this diagnosis meant for her future, and grief over losing the vision I had of what she was going to be.

I wrote this book to convey some of the most basic lessons my daughter has taught me, in the hopes that it calms the fears and offers parents a moment of heart-warming perspective. your baby will love you, and you are going to love that kiddo more than you ever thought possible. That is everything I want you to know, and it’s all that truly matters.


2girls-smallWritten & illustrated by R.A. Hudson, the mother of a child with Down syndrome, this heartwarming book shares simple, uplifting messages for all new and expecting parents of these special little souls. While the medical world can easily overwhelm you with their prognoses, technical terms, and grim predictions, your baby has a quite different perspective that is based in love and bright hope for a future without preset limitations.


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ISBN/EAN13: 978-0615757872 (Published by: Jar Of Moths)
ISBN-10: 0615757871
Page Count: 72
Black & White Bleed on Cream paper
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Language: English
BISAC: Family & Relationships / Children with Special Needs

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6 Responses to What I Want You To Know

  1. Shirley Ellsworth Hawk

    Thank you so much for the signed copy of this book. Even though my children are all grown, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My 3rd son was born in 1981 and yes, he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. But…he was a baby first, my baby, who happened to have been born with something unique. (His oldest brother was born deaf in one ear, diagnosed at age 4; his next oldest brother developed seizures when he was 11; his youngest brother was born premature with all those problems that entails. Nick’s three brothers also grew to be fine adults.)
    I had little support in the hospital when Nick was born but was visited by another mother whose daughter was 2, once I was at home. Seeing her daughter was such a Godsend – a cute little girl who thought my tiny son was a doll – she kept taking his clothes off – lol!!) When my Nick was 7 months old, I visited a new mother and her son IN THE HOSPITAL. When Nick was 11 months old, we two mothers visited another mother and her son IN THE HOSPITAL. We three mothers then developed a New Parent’s Packet that was given to every new parent of a newborn, who happened to have DS, delivered by me IN THE HOSPITAL, from then on. I wish I would’ve had your book then – I would have included a copy in each packet. Everything written in the book brought memories of my son back to me.
    (Sorry this is so long…) Anyway, my third son in now 32 years old, he recently retired from his job of 10 years – he was a volunteer teacher’s aide in a local Head Start classroom. (Nick retired because his Dad retired from his job and now they are inseparable!)
    To make a long story short, a few years ago, I met a mother and her new daughter. She knew of me as the contact person for our group and she knew I wanted to retire. She jumped in and started a new group for all families with young children. This group is doing fantastic and I would like to contribute some copies of your book to them.
    Please send me the bulk rate. Thank you very much, Shirley ( mother of four wonderful sons)
    PS the best is yet to come with Presley! My son hasn’t stopped teaching me, our family, and strangers so much. Through eyes so wise, a heart so big, and laughter at every step of the way!

    • I did! I was so excited to see he’s gteotn to meet Chris He’s such a wonderful man! Can’t wait to read about your family’s Northeastern excursion and all the lovely people you’ve met! You’ve inspired me to get involved more with my community. I’ve learned it shouldn’t take having a child with Down syndrome to raise awareness. I noticed in my area, playgroups are still very very segregated from color right down to financial status. I’m hoping to start a playgroup in my general area where children from all walks of life can get together and play without judgement.

      • albaAugust 12, 2010great video .God bless little joe and his paenrts, . i have a baby with down syndrome. i know how it feels when doctors give sad diagnosis .but what they don’t know is that life is full of miracles and blessings . Keep working joe .u shine hugs and kisses .hope to know how u are doing .

  2. Thanks for the great note, Shirley! I sent you an email with a discount code for ordering multiple copies.
    All the best to you and your family!

  3. That is the point you are wonderfully maknig. If the 9 out 10 mothers prepared to abort would just look Noah in those big beautiful blue eyes they would change their minds. These scared parents are confronted by careless, uncaring or both doctors giving them incorrect outdated information. If they would take a few days to get an objective view they may change their minds. I am not going to sugar-coat it. My journey the past five years with my daughter hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows. I see her struggle to do things that just come naturally to typically developing children. But ALL children have joys and challenges. The joys far outweight the woes. I read a book recently entitled Making a Case for Life by Stephanie Wincik. I would recommend it for all prospective parents. My daughter is here for a reason. With your message spreading like wildfire I pray that these heartbreaking statistics will change. The world needs our children. God has sent them to teach us all. If we keep throwing away his gifts I fear for the future of mankind.

    • Rachel HanzukJuly 31, 2010I love your story and your message! I love your faith and how it alowls you to watch your child’s gifts unfold at his own pace. As all our children come to us; to teach us unconditional love!God bless!